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Magnetic Island - Fantasea takes you there; and brings you back
(if you decide to come back!)

Fantasea Cruising Magnetic's "Fantasea Arcadia" barge delivers you and your vehicle safely to and from Magnetic Island in comfort. Explore at your own pace with regular daily Ferry Cruise departures from Townsville and Magnetic Island.

Please use our online ticketing system to make a booking for Passengers Only (up to 9); or Passengers (up to 6 per vehicle) and Vehicles less than 5.0 Metres in length.

Are you booking for:

  • 9 or less walk-on passengers
  • Standard vehicles (up to 5m in length) including up to 6 passengers if they legally fit in the vehicle 


 Important notes for your booking

Are you booking for:

  • A group (10 or more walk-on passengers)
  • A vehicle with more than 6 passengers
  • A vehicle longer than 5.0 metres in length (truck etc)
  • Motorcycles
  • Trailers
  • A campervan or motorhome
  • A family walk on passenger fare (2 adults, 3 children)?
  • Any of the following discounts: Island Resident; Government Senior Discount (All Australian States); Australian Defence Force (Army, Air Force, Navy), Australian Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance, SES)

If the answer is yes, we are unable to process your online booking, so please complete and submit our alternative booking form below or contact our friendly staff on (07) 4796 9300. Please note that due to Loading tide restraints, bookings that are made via our online booking system that are NOT standard vehicles are not guaranteed to travel at the requested time.


  1. Please note that one vehicle is limited to one ticket.
  2. Boarding passes must be collected from the office on arrival at our terminal. The print out you will receive from the online booking system is for your records only, and is not a boarding pass.
  3. Open Ferry tickets can be used on return trips only. If you select this option please note that this is a standby ticket and you will not be able to travel if the ferry is fully booked. It is advisable to select a time of travel – if required you can contact our office to change the departure time later.


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